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Rapidly Growing Company

Pars GoharSun was established in 1989 in Tehran. The passion for innovative customer solutions has been ingrained at Pars since Abazar Karimi's very first productions. At Pars each item must be designed and produced in order to carry out its function in the best way ensuring that our customers can count on us for the long-term growth, infrastructure and stability they need. We’re able to implement the same design, technology and controls across multiple production lines and to ensure a consistent and quality product whenever and wherever you need it, This enables us to provide a wide variety of solutions to meet your specific production requirements. No matter where a Pars production is made, it is made exactly right and precise Pars is renowned for the quality of its products, its specialist technical expertise and its range of product and service applications including PVC granule ,refrigerator gasket ,flexible magnet compound, flexible magnetic stripe etc. Pars covers every facet of the plastics processing technologies, systems and parts for the global refrigerator industry. To our customers this means faster development, increased design flexibility, improved efficiency in manufacturing and assembly, significant cost savings, and enhanced quality and performance.

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